Terra di Sole

Pianottoli-Caldarello | Southern Corsica

Pianottoli-Caldarello | Southern Corsica

Saint Jean beach and its tower


Beautiful white sand beach. Perfect for families with young children. The water is crystal clear and shallow.

Parking along the road

Caldarello beach

Terra di Sole | Plage Caldarello

Beautiful beach, protected from the wind and easy to access. The water is crystal clear and shallow, it is perfect for families.

To get there, go to the port authorities, there is a flight of stairs turning into a pathway that will lead you to it.

Shady parking lot

Chevanu beach

Wide beach, perfect for young children to experiment snorkeling for the first time. As far as adults are concerned, the seabed is perfect for snorkeling a little further and explore a rich sea life.

Shady parking lot

The village

Terra di Sole | Pianottoli-Caldarello

Close to nature, far from the noise of the city. Although it is not really that far since it is only 15 minutes away from Bonifacio, 20 minutes away from Porto-Vecchio and 20 minutes away from Figari. It is a wild and protected coastline offering amazing views on the Strait of Bonifacio and Sardinia.

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