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Southern Corsica – What to do, what to visit…

Top ten list of Southern Corsica’s « must see »


Southern Corsica | Terra di Sole, the perfect base to enjoy Southern Corsica

We could have written a post on the whole island, however it has so many beautiful landscapes that these few lines would be far from enough to talk fairly about all of them. That is why we have decided to make a list of the most amazing places in Southern Corsica, that you will reach easily from our villas.

1) Bonifacio and its cliffs

Terra di Sole, Bonifacio, Corse du Sud 10
 Bonifacio is only 20 minutes away from Terra di Sole

2) Piana’s calanques, for the romantics

Terra di Sole| Calanques de Piana 002
3 hours away by car from our villas.


3) Ajaccio, history and food lovers this city is meant for you

Ajaccio | Terra di Sole
2 hours away from Terra di Sole.

4) Porto-Vecchio, the beautiful city

Porto-Vecchio | Terra di Sole
30 minutes away from Terra di Sole


5) Sartène, the traditional Southern Corsica

Terra di Sole | Sartene 001
30 minutes away from Terra di Sole 


6) Propriano, between mountains and sea

Terra di Sole | Propriano 001
45 minutes away from Terra di Sole


7) Cargèse, Greece in Corsica

Terra di Sole | Cargese 002

2 hours and 45 minutes away from our villas. Kill two birds with one stone, and while you are at it go to the Piana’s calanques. They are not far from each other. 


8) L’Alta Rocca: the mountains

Terra di Sole | Alta Rocca 001
 2 hours from our villas.

9) Lavezzi islands, heaven on earth

Terra di Sole | iles lavezzi 001
To spend a day, go to Bonifacio or Porto-Vecchio harbor to board one of the many shuttles crossing.


10) The Rondinara bay, sunbathing on the beach

Terra di Sole | Baie de Rondinara 001
This beach has been elected the most beautiful beach in Southern Corsica and it is only 45 minutes away from Terra di Sole.
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